Our expertise


1) Different Curtain Walls types.

    • Unitized;
    • Structured;
    • Full Glass;
    • Point Fixed;
    • Stick Built;
    • Double Skinned;
    • Aluminium, Alucobond and Reynobond;
    • With different natural materials used;
    • Security Glass;
    • Custom made.

2) Integrated Doors and Windows from different types of materials and different usage, including garages.

3) Custom made windows made from PVC, Aluminium, Wood including window shutters made from the same materials.

Tehnology that we use

We would like to invite you to have a personal discussion with our tehnical manager in order to relate to the tehnical field. Please write us on the contact page of our website and in short time we will make you the connection with people from our team specialized for your need.


The most valued asset at Sider Lux is our people, and nothing is more important than providing them a safe environment in which to work and develop projects from idea to reality.

Mixed Core Team

We consider having a competitive advantage with the mixed core team that we have. English constructors, which knows better the working culture in England, Italian engineers and constructors with big amount of experience from the several construction sites that they have developed in the past flourish Italian period and romanian workers, which are very cost-effectively and high adaptable on every conditions finding right solutions and working hard on a advantage price.