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“Thank you for the interest that you are showing for our company. We are happy to share with you details related to us, markets, products, people and why not offers. Feel free to explore our website page and find out what makes us your future partner for building the next masterpiece in your city.

Looking forward to hear from you in the contact page avaible on the website!“

Lorenzo SPOSETTI – President Sider Lux

Mission statement
We love to shape the appearance of cities by producing and executing curtain walls buildings for the beauty that they offer compared to traditional walls.


About our company

Sider Lux is a multi-national company based in London with offices in Milano (Italy) and Timisoara (Romania). We are a provider of wall curtains solutions integrating design, engineering, manufacturing and full instalation with a strong experience and value chain based on our background gained from all the markets where we have worked.

Being established in London, we have a competitive advantage on several points of our expertise because we use project management and engineer teams from Italy, manufacturing from high quality factories from Romania and several other engineers and high skilled workers from Romania. In this way, we keep our quality level high and reduce the costs of our solutions, remaining very competitive on the market.